Friday, May 8, 2009

OK, I have some news. Stand back, it just may blow you away. OK, OK, it's not THAT awesome, but I am pleased to announce that The Laughing Girl is now open for business on I have 7 pieces listed so far, but I will be adding more as time permits. (I am a busy girl working 2 jobs, ya know!) As you've seen, I have many, many more pieces to sell. I'm hoping to get them up by Sunday night/Monday morning, but you know how I am with time...

Anyways, here are the pieces up for sale, complete with the cheezy names I made up for them:


"Ice Princess"

"Jack Frost"


"Here Comes the Sun"

"Tickled Pink"

To see details and more pictures of these bracelets, please visit my store on

The Laughing Girl

Check back often for more pieces, and keep an eye on this blog...I have some big ideas! I'm thinking next week I will do a "How-To" on jewelry making, and I might even have a give away some the near future! Stay tuned!

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