Saturday, May 30, 2009

New stuff!

Yup, I've got some new pieces. I whipped up these 4 bracelets this evening while listening to my favorite band, The Elders. (Yes, I know I've mentioned them a few times, but seriously. They ROCK.) No time to take nice, fancy pics so they won't be listed on Etsy for a few days but I thought I'd give you guys (or girls...or girl as the case may be) a sneak peek.

I'll be honest...the last one? It's my favorite. I know, I know, how can I pick a favorite? It's like picking a favorite child. But seriously, I love that bracelet. So much that I actually made 2. One to list on Etsy, one for...I dunno. Keep? Birthday gift for my BFF? Win-It Wednesday contest prize? Who knows. I don't, and I'm guessing that if I don't know, and it's MY bracelet, then the rest of you don't know either. Guess you'll have to stay tuned to find out.

OK, not jewelry, but it is new stuff! I was in Albany earlier this week, hangin' with my sis, when I saw these on display at Gymboree. My first thought was not "Hmmm, lil' J really needs some new summer clothes," (because I am not her mother, it's not my job to worry about whether or not the kid has summer clothes!) but "Ooooo, those would be super cute for some new summery pics!" So I bought them. rained all week and was flippin' cold. So, no new pics yet. (And yes, that is my unmade bed...I'm just glad you can't see the (totally awesome) polka dotted flat sheet that SO TOTALLY does not match the (equally awesome) striped fitted sheet. And the green pillowcase. Yes, I mix and match my sheet sets. I'm wild like that.

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