Thursday, May 28, 2009

I guess I should update...

...even though there's not much going on. My life is BORING. No new jewelry, no more Etsy sales, haven't discovered any more must-hear music, can't even think of any cute, creative post or anything.

I did go see Angels and Demons last weekend. It was pretty awesome (even though my friend talked through half of it), though not quite as good as the book. There are a few changes from the book, but nothing too major and nothing vital to the storyline.Obviously the movie is the sequel to The DaVinci Code, even though the Angels and Demons book actually came first, but to be honest it doesn't really affect anything. Tom Hanks is great as usual...I don't believe I've ever mentioned how much I love Tom Hanks. Well, I love him. A lot. He's in my all-time favorite movie...A League of Their Own. I probably would have gone to see the movie even if I hadn't read the book (3+ years ago, so I've been waiting for this movie a long time!) just because he's in it. But Tom aside, it really is a great movie. ALL the actors were absolutely perfectly chosen for their characters. The sets are amazing...I don't know which were filmed on location, which were filmed on a Hollywood set, and which were computer-generated. It all looks amazing. And the music is good too.
What else, what else? I did go out to Crossgates mall on Monday with my sister and her friend. It kinda sucked. We went in the JC Penney entrance and I saw a handbag in there that I wanted but they wanted to eat ASAP so they told me to get it on the way out...well, they dragged their feet so much that by the time we got back to Penneys it was closed! So I didn't get my cute little red, pink and green polka dotted handbag after all. Boo. I did get some yummy treats from Harry and David though...Royal Riviera cinnamon sugar Pear Chips and dark chocolate covered bing cherries. Mmmmmmm. Also got a few cute little shorts sets and hair accessories from Gymboree for lil' J...nice bright colors and patterns, perfect for new pics! Unfortunately it was cold and rainy this week so she didn't get to wear them yet.

And that, in a nutshell, was my life since my last update. I'll leave you with a few previously-unposted (I think) pics from last week taken...where else? the playground and ice cream shop, just because lil' J is cute and I like posting pics. Because apparently we don't do anything but play and eat ice cream, which I believe I've covered already. ;)

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