Friday, July 17, 2009

what a Croc

Anyone else hear the news that the Crocs company is going bankrupt? This saddens me...while Crocs are the ugliest footwear known to man (though Uggs are a close second, IMO) they are so super comfortable and my feet have felt so much better since I started wearing them to work. I just got a new pair of lime green ones (after bidding adieu to the decrepit light blue ones, may they RIP) and am thinking I should stockpile a few more pairs just in case.

(and no, I'm not so obsessed with Crocs that I go around randomly photographing them...just still on the hunt for the perfect "feet" picture for an upcoming I ♥ Faces challenge.)

1 comment:

  1. I saw that! I was a little sad because I got Lynsie the cutest pair of "rafter" sandals from there this year. They are so great and can get wet and we just hose them off. *Sigh* Figures I find a great shoe for her and then they will disappear. Pooey!