Friday, July 10, 2009

All the small things

Just a quick post to share some photos I took this evening. Usually I edit the crap out of my pics, but I'm leaving these in their original state, at least for now, because I think they're beautiful enough to stand on their own.

A tiny spider, on it's intricate, beautiful web...a perfect, miniature work of art.

A little butterfly (moth?) resting all too briefly on a soft pink flower.

A robin's nest perched high on the front porch. Doesn't look like much, but has somehow managed to withstand some nasty storms over the past few days to protect the delicate blue orbs within. (Sorry, no pics of the eggs, I don't want to scare mama bird away! My dad has peeked in it, though, and can confirm that there are several eggs there. Can't wait til they hatch!)

And just for fun, a few flower pics. Coming of an unexpected feathered visitor.

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