Friday, July 10, 2009

Do you notice anything new?

I believe I forgot to mention it, but Lil' J recently got her ears pierced. Clearly it was a very exciting event. When I got to her house the morning after she got it done, she flew out to greet me with "KRISTIN-I-GOT-MY-EARS-PIERCED!!!!!" Well, my darling, I wanted to say, my ears have just been pierced as well...just not quite the same way. Later that day we went for a walk to visit with my father. (Lil' J adores my father, has ever since she was a baby. It's quite funny, actually. When she was all of 2 years old, she'd start asking me as soon as I walked through the door in the morning, "Kwissin, we go see Misser Quay-o today?" So cute. But anyways...) Of course she couldn't wait to show Mister Quail her earrrings, but she was much more coy about it. She waltzed on up to him, demurely tucked her hair behind her ears, cocked her head to the side and sweetly said, "Mister Quail, do you notice anything new?" Naturally she was tickled pink when he noticed right away.

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