Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to the Not Me! Monday blog carnival, which was dreamed up by the fun, creative, and super awesome MckMama! Go to her blog to check out her what she and everyone else have been up to this week!

As for me...well, I certainly DID NOT talk Lil' J into going to the marina under the guise of having a picnic when really, I just thought it would be a good place to take some cute pics.

Also, I DID NOT watch Lil' J hurling herself down the slip n' slide and think, damn, I wish MY belly looked that cute hanging out of my swimsuit...

And while we're on that topic...I did not tell Lil' J to wear her Crocs that afternoon so she wouldn't step on a bee only to have one fly into my own Croc (and I'm NOT still wearing the shabby blue ones with holes in the soles) and sting me on the bottom of my foot.

I AM NOT sitting here (at noon, in my pajamas) watching Band of Brothers (for the millionth time) on the History Channel and Not Me! Monday-ing instead of doing what needs to be laundry. And making an eye appointment because my glasses are trashed but its been too long since my last appointment so they won't let me pick out new ones without an exam first even though I know my eyes haven't changed one bit. And registering to take the NCTRC exam in October. And, um, showering.

I was not up waaaaay past mignight last night posting my entry for this week's I ♥ Faces contest and checking out everyone else's entry. I'm patient. I can wait til morning for that. Also, I'm not over the moon with all the wonderful comments I"ve gotten on my photos.

I did not take a ton of feet pics in an attempt to come up with the perfect one for an upcoming I ♥ Faces contest, only to be dismayed with my efforts.

Like I said, I AM NOT still wearing my falling-apart Crocs and the reason why is not because none of the local stores had them in the perfect color.

I WAS NOT utterly disappointed in the long-awaited movie My Sister's Keeper and did not shout out at the end, "I want my $9 back!" And nobody in the theater laughed at me.
And...I am not thrilled to have added 2 new blog followers this week for a total of 8, which is not only 2 shy of my short-term goal of 10 followers.

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