Sunday, June 7, 2009

And then there were 4...

Welcome, Brie! Oooooo 4 followers now! Yay! Of course 3 of you could just keep tabs on me at that other place, so I do appreciate you hanging around my blog. Anyways, looks like I won't be hitting 10 any time soon, so I think we'll just go ahead and get the party started...I'm aiming to have my first Win-It Wednesday not this coming Wednesday, but the next. I was all for this week, but then I remembered that I'm staying overnight with Julia on Wednesday (and possibly Thursday) and wireless internet access at her house is somewhat unreliable so I don't want to promise anything just to disappoint. At least this will give me another week to try to round up some more followers. I've been socializing on Etsy's forums so hopefully some people there will head on over here and join the fun.

Sorry, I know you're all dying for more pics (I'm a bit of a picspammer, aren't I?) but SURPRISE! I don't have any new ones. Haven't seen lil' J since Thursday and I already posted those pics, I haven't made any new jewelry, and I'm too lazy to edit the garden and sunset pics sitting in my camera right now, so enjoy this rare pictureless post while you can.

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