Monday, October 12, 2009

I Heart Faces Week 40

Week 40 - “Excited!” Photo Challenge

WEEK 40 - October 12th - "Excited!"

Our Definition: eager, active, enthusiastic, animated

This should be a fun week to go around and view all the photos! :)

All photos entered this week need to feature a person in them that is clearly excited and enthusiastic about something. The emotion should be easily conveyed when we view the photo.

There will be just one category (you can enter either a Kids photo or an Adults or a mixture of Kids and Adults.) Face(s) must be clearly visible!

This is my entry for the "Excited" photo challenge at I ♥ Faces. It was taken on one of the first truly hot days we had this summer. Lil' J had been helping my mom with her gardening when all of a sudden my mom turned the hose on her. Lil' J would run away screaming "Stop! Stop!" but as soon as my mom's back was turned she'd start creeping back towards her with a teasing "Hey Mrs. Quaaaaaaaail..." Clearly she was having a great time!

For more exciting photos, hop on over to the I ♥ Faces blog by clicking here or on the I ♥ Faces button below.


  1. She looks like she's ready to pounce! :) I love the green! Great shot!

  2. So great and I love the green! What kind of grass is that? It almost looks like astroturf. Such a cutie!

  3. LOL, I don't know, it's just regular grass! It looks brighter because I increased the color saturation and used a "vibrant foliage" effect. I like my pics to have a very bright, vibrant look, almost to the point of being surreal. I guess it's my personal style!

  4. I love all the greens! She's really happy with gardening.

    Mine's up too.