Friday, September 18, 2009

Yet ANOTHER giveaway

Julie over at Foursons is having another fabulous giveaway!!! Now, y'all have been awfully quiet lately so I don't know if any of you joined in on the fun last week but you really shouldn't miss out on this one! You might even win - I did last week! This week one lucky person is going to win a 18x24” rolled poster print from and Uprinting.

Digital printing-

I should probably sit this one out since I won last week, but it's a super prize so I'm gonna be selfish and have at it again! I'm not totally sure what I'd do if I won, but I'm thinking a poster of this photo would be pretty damn cool.

Readers, what would you do if you won this awesome contest? And speaking of contests...who thinks its time for another Win It Wednesday? Better make some noise because if I don't see some interest I'm not gonna do it!!!


  1. Ooooo, what is Win it Wednesday? It sounds cool, so I'm definitely in! And if you win my contest this week your house is going to have some amazing accessories on its walls. :)

  2. I love Win It Wednesday!! I'm in!!

    So what did you choose last week? I did join the contest... but no win. Boo! LOL

  3. MJ I just got the e-mail from the company today for my prize. I have until Oct. 31st to order...good thing, because it'a gonna take me that long to pick a photo to use! Well, maybe not quite that long, but I'm thinking I might wait til after my NYC trip, in case I get any really cool shots there.