Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Heart Faces Week 33 - Nostalgia

August 24th & 25th Photo Challenge - “Nostalgia”

This theme is going to be a fun one because it is going to be completely unique for each participant! What we are looking for here, is a photo that you have taken that brings back a nostalgic feeling for you (and you can explain why in your post.)Some ideas are photos that include a face (of course!) and a nostalgic item like....

*A rubik cube

*Red Flyer wagon

*Oldtime candy

*Converse sneakers


Or a photo that has a face in it and was taken at a place that makes you feel nostalgic (ie. your grandma's old farm, grandpa's old tractor, your mom's flower garden, sitting at your uncle's old desk, etc.)Just please explain how your photo fits the “Nostalgia” theme when you are writing your post.

Whew, another tough week for I ♥ Faces!!! Oh, the pictures I could use for this challenge. I was torn between millions (OK, dozens, maybe) of photos of Lil' J playing Chutes & Ladders, Candy Land, and Memory, riding her bike, hurling herself down a schoolbus-yellow Slip -n- Slide, swinging at the playground...all things I loved as a child. Ultimately I chose this one, because of the hopscotch board drawn on the pavement in the background. Remember how much fun you could have with a few pieces of chalk and a pebble? (Or pinecone, or whatever you could find to toss!!!) Hours of entertainment and fun for all!!! Of course there was that one time my sister and I couldn't find any chalk and drew our hopscotch board in I need to explain just how not happy mama and daddy Quail were when they discovered that, and how not fun it was sitting in the corner after? (FYI...crayon does not wash off the sidewalk in the rain. Just so ya know.) But I point is, hopscotch was fun back in the 80's (though I'm pretty sure actual sidewalk chalk had not been invented yet, and even if it had it was not 3D and did not come complete with acid-green 3D glasses!), and it's still fun in 2009! And just for some added nostalgia...who doesn't remember having those missing front teeth?!?! Heh...I was one of those poor kids that had the misfortune of losing mine right before Christmas. Naturally, everyone felt compelled to sing that obnoxious song to me..."All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!" Good times, indeed. Why was I just mourning the passing of my childhood?

If you're longing for the days of your youth after that, click on the link here or on the button at the top of the post to check out the I ♥ Faces blog to take a few more strolls down memory lane.


  1. i love your shot! i like the colors, and the theme, and what a cute girl! such a fun photo :)

    my photo is posted, too. feel free to come on over and visit anytime :O).

  2. Oh I love this, she is too cute. Love the yellow glasses and especially the hopscotch in the background. Funny how some things will just be around forever.

    Love this photo and I love how it reminded me of when I use to play hopscotch in school! :)

  4. That neon green color of the glasses was hot in the 80s too : ) Such a great entry for this week!!

  5. Too every story you mentioned. I will have to keep the crayons away from my little one...I wouldn't want him sitting in the corner. ;-)

  6. This totally made me smile. Great shot!

  7. oh what a great post! I love hopscotch! My grandson had some of that 3D chalk how cool is it?