Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Come on in, and laugh a while!

Hello, and welcome to my happy little corner of the universe, aka "The Diary of a Laughing Girl." The Laughing Girl...that's me. (Ahem...I'm the one on the right. The lad on the left is Brent Hoad from my favorite band, The Elders. Do yourself a favor...if you get the chance to see them, GO! You won't be sorry. And if you can't, at least get their brand new CD, Gael Day. No lie, it's the best CD I've bought all year. And I've bought a lot of CDs.) A friend of mine, inspired by the title of a Jenna Reid CD, decided that I, too, am a laughing girl. I can't really argue with that. I'm fun. I'm goofy. I'll laugh at just about anything...myself included. So, it stuck. Of course, some of you know me by my real name (pssst...it's Kristin) and that's OK too. Kristin, K, Laughing Girl, whatever. Heck, the kid I babysit has taken to calling me Doodleberry, whatever that means. Don't know where she got it from, but it makes me laugh so by all means, if the mood strikes go ahead and call me that. I'm not picky. Just don't call me Kris. That's my mom, and it'll just confuse things. I don't like confusion. I also don't like broccoli, reality TV, and people who are serious all the time. I do like music (obviously I like The Elders; other current favorites are Julie Fowlis, Jenna Reid, and Cara Dillon, though that's subject to change at any minute), reading, crafts (especially scrapbooking...though I'm woefully behind on my scrapbook...rubber stamping, and jewelry making), Private Practice, chocolate, plaid, and the color blue. And my dog. I love my dog. Her name is Dixie and she's cooler than most people I know. She doesn't care that I sing off-key, tell jokes that aren't funny, and absolutely can not say the word "abominable."

Let's see...what else can I possibly tell you about myself (that isn't incriminating, at least...)? Well, I'm 28, obviously female, and very, very single. My favorite sport to play is field hockey, though I've not played since college. My favorite sports to watch are baseball and hockey, though the way the Yankees are playing these days, I'd rather not watch. I have a tattoo on my back...it's a fiddle with the notes to an old Scottish song wrapping around it. I hate to brag, but it's pretty much the coolest tattoo I've ever seen. I collect snowmen. I've seen every single episode of ER...most of them more than once. I have an identical twin, plus a younger brother and sister, a cat named Pumpkin, and a dog named Dixie (though if you've read this far, you already knew that). I'm planning a trip to Ireland and Scotland, though I probably won't go for another year or two, at least.

So, in a nutshell, that's me. Anything else you want to know? Go ahead and ask. I might not give you a serious answer, but I'll try. Stay tuned for more about me.

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