Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm a bad blogger

OK, to all of you who actually read this blog, so sorry for the lack of updates! There's not really been anything worthy of mention going on in my life, and I've not been feeling particularly inspired by the i ♥ faces themes lately so I haven't been doing them. I do have 2 things to report, though. #1 my dog died which is very sad. #2 I got a new camera - a Nikon D3000! - which is very happy. Once I have that bad boy all figured out, I'm sure I'll be posting all sorts of pictures! Also mulling over trying out some new stuff in my etsy store, so stay tuned for that because it might just involve a Win-it Wednesday!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kristin - a friend lead me to your comment...

    "Honestly, I think parents have big heads these days, wanting their child to be known to the world, to be loved by everyone. Once upon a time it was enough for a child to be known by their family and friends…truth of the matter is, this child has not changed your lives, has not made the world a better place, why should the blogging world stop for him? Maybe this sounds cruel to you, but that’s how I feel and I’m not going to disrespect someone for not doing something that in all honesty has no impact on this child and his family."

    I'm SO SORRY that you feel this way. It truly heart my feelings, but that is not what matters. I'm sorry you feel the way you do about some parents. I would be SO glad to share with you the thousands of emails I received from people telling me how Cohen did touch their life. It is my belief that God did all of this for a reason.

    Bless you :)